A new short Story. Or could it be more than that?

I’ve been a bit blocked recently. I’d hesitate to call it writer’s block, as I’m quite able to write. I can still see things in my head, the voices are in full flow, it’s just that I’m not able to continue with my full length works at the moment. So, The Safety of the Realm, Wake me Up and Andorra Pett takes a Break will have to…, well take a break.


I’ve been increasing my stock of short stories. I have two collections already, now I’m writing more and releasing them separately, instead of waiting for a full set to make up another collection.

I’ve just finished what I thought would be my tenth, called Passing Thru and based on a location that had a small part in my novel Myra. Passing Thru is a market, in space. Built from a collection of derelict space ships, welded together to form a station, or as they like to call it, a cluster. It’s a place where you can buy and sell, inhabited by a collection of good guys and bad. It seemed like a good place to base adventures, a place where all sorts of things could go on.

In this story, our young hero, Max, finds a mysterious spaceship in an old part of the cluster. He decides to unravel its secrets, aided by his girlfriend. The more they search, the more puzzling the whole thing becomes.

It turns out that the ship has more than a past, according to the official version of history, it was carrying secret information, before being destroyed in a battle. In fact, it shouldn’t exist.

While they’re working on the ship, there’s an accident, what they find in its aftermath is nothing that they could possibly have imagined.

Here’s the cover.

Passing Thru

is currently at just under 5000 words. However, I’ve run into a snag. I got to where I thought it would end; the trouble is, I can see how it could become more, possibly a novella or even a full-length adventure.

As a result, it’s release will be put on hold for a while, until I’ve explored the options. At least it’s got me writing again; even if it has given me another project for my list.

Meanwhile, you can get my other short stories, including tales of time travel, alien encounters, the paranormal, corporate misdeeds, fantastic Steampunk inventions and even the dangers of a wish.

You can find them all,

with more details and reviews, by clicking below.

They’re all free on Kindle Unlimited or just 99p ($0.99) each. Perfect short reads to enjoy in those spare minutes.

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