Where in the Worlds would you go?

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If you could live in any place, any time, any world, where would you live?

I’d love to live on one of the worlds I’d created. Simply because I’ve glimpsed them in my head and they all look so exciting, for different reasons.

Most of them are based on an amalgamation of places that I either live near or have visited at some time, which I guess is the reason for their attraction.

Although none of them actually exist as they’ve been written, I’m pretty sure that once we get out into space and start exploring, we’ll find plenty of places where we can settle and make a new life. I’m also sure that they will be more varied and beautiful, in their own way, than we can possibly imagine.

One of them would suit me fine.

As regards a time to live, it would have to be the future, just so I could travel to one of the places I’ve mentioned above. I’d particularly interested to learn if any of the things I’ve seen in my mind’s eye and written about have come to pass.

Are there farms in space, are we generating electricity from turbines in rivers, did we ever take endangered species and populate new worlds with them and was Christopher Padget (or someone like him) right about travelling faster than light?

These are just a few of the questions that a life in the future would answer for me.

There is one part of the future that I’d prefer to avoid.

Some of the adventures that my characters get up to. I’ve no desire to be marooned on a hostile planet, live on a polluted world under a dictator or be a crime fighter. Maybe when I was younger but not now.

Although I wouldn’t mind flying a different kind of ship to the ones I drove for forty years. Having a go at mining the rocks in Saturn’s rings sounds like it could be a lot of fun, too.

In reality, I’d just like a quiet life, sitting in the sunshine with a glass of cool beer, surrounded by people I care about. If adventure came knocking at my door, I’m most likely to tell it to try someone else.

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8 Responses

  1. Stevie Turner

    The problem is that if you lived in the future, all your relatives/loved ones would have passed on and you’d have no family!

    • Richard Dee

      But I would have descendants, who knows what they might have achieved? Would they have even heard of me?

  2. Lela Markham

    Yeah, I think at a certain age we grow comfortable with life and grand adventures just sound like something that will disrupt our sleep schedule. Although we still go hiking in the summers and throw the tent out for the night. Alaska is kind of an adventure all on its own and we don’t need passports to visit it.

    • Richard Dee

      Driving up onto Dartmoor and walking for a while is enough for me these days.

    • Richard Dee

      If there’s anywhere I’d really like to go, it’s the place where all my thoughts and ideas come from.

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