I must be feeling better.

It’s only taken me a month to shake this illness off.

Dare I whisper it but I’m starting to feel a bit better. My desire to actually do something, apart from the things that I absolutely have to, is slowly returning. That’s good news, I’ve been in that post-viral slump where although my symptoms had receded, I still felt lethargic and disinterested in everything.

But, over the last few days, I’ve started to regain a little enthusiasm. I’ve even started writing again. Not only that, I’m editing I Remember Everything to include the beta reader comments and suggestions which are starting to come in.

Incidentally, you can still get a beta copy of the story for yourself, just follow this link,


A psychological thriller.

It’s the big question. Where do we go, when it’s all over?
What happens to our unfinished business?
At 20:08, Detective Ian Gisbon is murdered.
At the same instant as he dies, on the other side of the country, Suzan Halford is born.
Nobody could have guessed that locked in her head is the key to unmasking Ian’s killer.

All Suzan has to do is grow up and remember it.

Before she’s aware of her knowledge, a chance discovery sets an unstoppable chain of events in motion, and Suzan’s life spirals out of control.

What’s happening is impossible, it’s destroying her family. And driving her crazy.

There’s only one person she can turn to, the only one who can help. But they’ve been gone for years. Finding them will mean that justice can finally be done.

I’m relieved to find that the story seems to have been well received so far, with comments like “Very imaginative and a great story,” and “Great idea, very inventive story, don’t think I’ve ever read anything quite like it before!”

So I’m approaching the rewrite in a happy mood.

The other good news is, that I have resumed writing the next Andorra Pett adventure, which has been far too long in the making.

Something is wrong on the Moon. And it’s about to spread.

Andorra Pett and Cy are having a road trip, they’ve chosen Selenville, after all, the moon is a bit of a backwater these days. Nothing much ever happens there. A bit of mining and solar power and that’s about it.

Or so they thought, a chance remark leads them on the trail of an audacious plot to destabilise the solar system and give control of everything in it to a criminal syndicate. A plot so well hidden that nobody will believe it’s possible. This means that Andorra has to find proof, and the right person to show it to.

Time is of the essence; although she doesn’t know it, her world is about to change forever.

You can blame the voices in my head for that, they’ve been distracting me with new projects and keeping Andorra from telling me what happens. Now I’ve discovered exactly what is going on in this story, I think it’s her biggest adventure yet.

Of course, I still have a lot to do to catch up, but at least I’ve made a start.

I’d love to get your comments, please leave them below. While you’re here, why not take a look around? There are some freebies and lots more content, about me, my writing and everything else that I do. You can join my newsletter for a free novella and more news by clicking this link.


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