Make your own Clotted Cream.

With summer here, I thought that I’d revisit a post that I regularly repeat, a simple ‘how to’ that will help you recreate a Devon (or Cornwall) classic. You get the Strawberry Jam and I’ll tell you how to make your own Clotted Cream.

I’m a big fan of Clotted Cream, my Grandmother used to make her own and I remember it when I was growing up.

These days, you can get a supply fairly easily, several supermarkets sell it and even if you aren’t living in the West country, you don’t have to go without.

But, what if there was a simple way to make your own? Click the link below to find out how.

While you’re here, check out this great Boxset promo for Sci-fi and fantasy. There’s one of mine, The Balcom Dynasty, included in this selection at the special, low price of £ ($) 2.99 for all three parts.


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