Coming Soon. A Big Decision.

It’s time to start planning my NaNoWriMo project for 2020.

For those of you who don’t know what that means, here is the official explanation.

This will be the sixth year that I’ve attempted the challenge, I’ve managed to complete it every time so far, my previous efforts (Ribbonworld, Andorra Pett, Life and Other Dreams, The Sensaurum and finally, The Hitman) are all on sale so I must stand a chance again this year.

The choice of project, as ever, is large and complicated.

Here are my current works in progress.

The fourth part of the Balcom series, Will Miles and Layla find the identity of their nemesis?

The third part of Horis Strongman’s Steampunk adventures, peace finally comes to Norlandia, but at what cost?

The sequels to (1) Life and Other Dreams, (2) Survive, (3) The Sensaurum and the Lexis, (4) The Hitman and the Thief. More adventures for my characters.

The next part of Dave Travise’s story, what really happened in The Wilderness years.

The fifth Andorra Pett mystery, Andorra Pett goes Lunar.

There are also two short stories that I’d like to expand. The Orbital Livestock Company and Passing Thru.

And The Syk’m, my new fantasy project.

All I have to do now is decide which one to concentrate on. And I suspect that getting the 50000 words written in November will be easier than making that decision.

Stay tuned, I’ll tell you when I commit. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Meanwhile, here are some bookfunnel promotions, the first is for for new releases. Including The Hitman.

While the second is for unusual fiction, including my Dual-time thriller Life and Other Dreams.

and finally, one for blended genre fiction,

Check them out, there are lots of great stories available.

All my publications can be found on my Amazon page, at

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