Andorra Pett will return in a new adventure, very soon.

The latest instalment of Andorra Pett’s adventures will be published soon. It’s been out with my beta readers and I’m starting to get feedback.

The worry with writing a series is that they can get boring or repetitive, acquiring a momentum and revisiting all the same old stories and situations. I’m conscious of that possibility and want to make sure I stop before I run out of ideas.

Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Andorra, here’s the cover and blurb for her next adventure.

Yearning for peace and quiet with her partner, Derek, Andorra Pett heads home to the space mine off Saturn. It’s been a while since she left, she wants to be among her friends again.

Despite her good intentions, she soon gets dragged into station politics, so it’s a relief when the chance of a holiday comes up.

All she has to do is give a speech on the maiden voyage of the Solar Breeze, a new type of cruise ship. A voyage around the solar system will soon be the must have vacation.

Andorra will be one of the first to try it, along with the great and the good.

But nothing is ever simple in Andorra’s life. Things get really serious when the Solar Breeze is hijacked by eco-terrorists. They want an end to the dumping of rubbish on Mars.

Or else!

Andorra’s trip on the Solar Breeze might just be the voyage of a lifetime.

And the first beta review is here.

I LOVE Andorra Pett, she somehow always manages to find herself in the thick of a sticky situation, yet comes through by the skin of her teeth. I love that she’s just herself, no airs or pretensions and she’s darn good at nosing out the truth. This was an excellent read, it was a fun way afternoon getaway. That last, single chapter though….. now I HAVE to know what happens next!!! Thank you for a great read 5/5.

And another, thanks to Steven Smith.

Having read the previous novels in the series, returning for a fourth is very comforting. I know I can settle down and have finished the story in a few sittings. It’s like returning to something comfortable and so familiar. I love returning to characters I now feel I know so well. A sub-cast of new characters are handled fantastically well. I felt myself rooting for or against these, which I feel is testament to Richard Dee’s ability to create characters with depth, that are believable, and yet not need to labour on it over the course of an entire series.

With a cosy crime, there needs to be plenty of mystery and intrigue. There has to be some malevolent force bent on committing misdeeds somewhere down the line. And it has to be easy-reading, entertaining and fun to pick up in my opinion. Sometimes, as a series draws on, it begins to feel like the same tropes and cliches come to the fore, or that the writer is struggling for new ideas to keep things fresh. Thus far, Richard Dee has not suffered this problem. The story is brilliant. The unconventional crime-fighting style of Andi and her cohorts remains as entertaining as ever, if not more so. In past reads, Andi has ended up walking into situations through trying to help people out. It’s in her nature. This time out, I loved the way that even in giving her a holiday, Dee has found a new way into having her stroll right into trouble without even knowing it.

With each subsequent book in the Andorra Pett series, things keep improving. The characters grow, the new characters are interesting and the stories keep me entertained. Already I am looking forward to the arrival of the next book, though not so much at having to wait until 2021 for it!

You can see Steven’s full post here.

Andorra Pett takes a break should be published later this year.

If you want to start the series, the first adventure, Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Café is now half-price, just click the picture.

How far is far enough? Andorra needs to get away from her ex, but is Saturn taking it a step too far?

When Andorra’s life turns upside down, she decides on a career change. Running a diner on a mining station orbiting Saturn. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

With her best friend Cy in tow, Andorra reckons it’s the best thing for them both. A chance to start again where nobody knows them.

Trouble is, there’s a secret hidden in the café. Before they have a chance to get settled, there’s a queue of dubious characters trying to find it.

While learning to bake and get used to life in space, Andorra has a murderer to catch!

Before they strike again…

“Agatha Raisin meets Miss Marple, in Space!”

“a tale that has everything – humour, suspense, a strong but struggling heroine, a fantastic sci-fi setting, and a truly universal story.”  

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