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It’s been a long time since we’ve done this – what is your favourite book (not your own.) Has it changed in the last few years?

I used to have favourites, books I went back to and read again and again, as well as authors whose new releases or older work I would buy without hesitation. Everything was traditionally published and often written a long while ago, with author names that might not be known to today’s readers. People like Desmond Bagley and Brian Lecomber, as well as the more familiar ones, Fredrick Forsyth, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury.

That changed when I started writing and publishing my own stories. As I joined the self-publishing community, I found that there were so many new authors and books to explore. There were the stories written by the people I met on social media. And those from authors who were offering free ARCs and beta reads. As well as the folk who wanted to share reviews of what they had read and enjoyed.

And that was before we got to all the books I found via adverts on Facebook.

I found that I was acquiring new books faster than I ever could hope to read them and had to change the way I approached reading, just to try and stay on top of the ever-expanding T.B.R. pile. There was no time to re-read my old favourites anymore, not with so much new material to explore and get lost in.

I now read about 95% Indie books, and I’m only very rarely disappointed by what I find. There’s a wealth of talent out there in Indie-land, and a range of unique ideas that puts the trending, formulaic output of the traditional publishing industry to shame. Titles and topics that the establishment would have never considered are getting self-published and more importantly, read and appreciated.

Their authors (who you might never have heard of) are now rightly recognised as anyone’s equal.

In an effort to keep on top of new books, I now dedicate a set period of my time to reading and writing reviews. Even so, I don’t think that I’m catching up. I probably never will.

Because I produce my own work, I appreciate all the effort that’s been put into creating the books. And I love reading work by an author I’ve never read before. There are so many that it wouldn’t be fair of me to name names.

You can read a selection of my book reviews by clicking here.

To cut to the chase, I now find that the book I’ve just finished is my favourite.

Closely followed by the one I’m about to start.

Until next time.

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12 Responses

  1. Steven Smith

    It’s tough to find the time. I read a lot of Indie books, leaving limited time to reread favourites. It’s only really Stephen King that I return to these days.

    • Richard Dee

      I do return to favourite films and T.V. shows, especially for something to watch whilst I’m on my exercise bike. Action makes me pedal faster.

  2. Kazz

    I’m with you on that, I used to read books over and over because I loved them. Now there is such a huge choice, I rarely do. And yes, my favourite book will always be the one I’m reading, too.

    I have a reading journal and one of the things inside is the ‘Book Battle’. I choose the one I enjoyed most that month, then, the best of the quarter, and finally my favourite read of the year. It’s always hard, but fun.

    • Richard Dee

      I don’t keep a record but I do ensure that the best of the ones I read are featured in the reviews tab on this website.

  3. Samantha J Bryant

    I appreciate that outlook! I also have great enthusiasm for what I’m reading at any given moment (if I don’t, I stop reading it). And good on you for taking the time to review! I review almost everything I read, too. @samanthabwriter from
    Balancing Act

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