New release. Sword and Fire: The Mercian Chronicles. By P.J. Reed.

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This week, we’re looking at a Fantasy adventure by P.J. Reed, the writer of everything from Haiku poetry to Horror and Children’s fiction.

I’ve always been a huge Fantasy fan, I cut my teeth, so to speak, on Narnia and Lord of the Rings, way back when. I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones, The Sword of Truth series and a few others. I like the mixture of medieval and modern, the magic which lurks and the incredibly detailed worldbuilding that an epic struggle requires.

I love the allegory too, the comparison between now and a mythical then. C.S. Lewis did it brilliantly in Narnia, and Tolkien based the destruction of Middle Earth on what he saw as the ravages of a mechanical and industrial society that had lost touch with its pastoral roots. It’s good to read a new fantasy and start to work out what has influenced it.

I’ve read horror from P.J. Reed, my granddaughter has read and loved one of her Children’s books.

So, what would this one be like?

Here’s the description,

The war drums sounded through the foothills surrounding the mighty fortress. Their low ominous beat a warning of impending, inevitable doom. Death was coming, he could feel it.

Meloc came to Welfasten to warn Feitar, the city chief of an evil presence growing in the darkness and the disappearances of the Mercian magikborne. However, he had not made it past the great city walls and had been thrown in prison accused of practising illegal magik.

Feitar offers him two choices: either be sent to Eldingar Tower and undergo the unmynstering to remove his magik or find the Serpent’s Breath, the lost galdor weapons of Mercia, the only weapons able to destroy the magically enhanced Dunmuir army. To the hunted warlock either choice could have deadly consequences.

Which will he risk losing; his life or his magik?

The book is available on Amazon, click here for your copy.

My thoughts.

Non-stop action and adventure!

I’m partial to a good fantasy adventure. It needs to have great worldbuilding, fascinating characters and a good dose of magic. A quest is essential and bonus points will be awarded for some surprises.

This story delivers on all of the above.

Meloc is a slightly dubious warlock, in a land where magic occupies a somewhat ambiguous place. He wants to warn people of the impending doom provided by an invading army. Instead, he’s imprisoned. Then he’s given a choice.

His adventures are just beginning.

What follows is an epic quest, as he seeks the magic weapons of old to save his lands, not to mention his life. There is just about non-stop action, with a cast of creatures that all leap from the pages as they seek to thwart him and his allies.

The land of Mercia comes alive under Reed’s pen, every dark and brooding part of it is vividly described, while the action scenes are frantic and visceral.

Bring on the next instalment.

Highly recommended.

About the Author.

Writer of Warlocks.

Destroyer of Worlds.

P.J. Reed is a writer and poet from England. She holds a BAEd from Canterbury Christ Church University, an MA from Bradford University and has dabbled in psychology with the OU.

She lives in Devon with two daughters, two rescue hounds, and a feral cat called Sammy.

She is an outrageously eclectic writer.

Her work has appeared in a wide variety of online and print magazines, anthologies and collections. In 2015 she was shortlisted for the National Poetry Anthology award. In 2018, P.J. won the Forward Poetry ‘Circle of Life’ competition for her poem ‘The Empty Chair.

Reed writes the ‘Bad Decisions’ series of short horror stories, as a prequel to the Richard Radcliffe Paranormal Detective novels. All based around the sinister Devon moorland villages of Ashdurton and Witherleigh.

‘Where there is no imagination there is no horror.’ Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

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