How much?

In which I consider the price of books, compared to that of coffee. Bear with me, all will be explained. I got into an interesting discussion recently, over the price of my books. This is a tricky subject anyway, when … Continued

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I Remember Everything, a new idea to get excited about.

In a burst of enthusiasm, I did a little work on another new story. This one, called I Remember Everything, is based on an idea that I had last year. It’s another psychological thriller, this time I’ve set it in … Continued

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A celebration of my stand-alone work.

After nine years of self-publishing, I had an idea for a special edition. Incidentally, where did those nine years go? As well as the series that I write, I also pen the occasional stand-alone novel. I enjoy writing them, it … Continued

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Diversion ahead. Sidetrack alert.

My writing process has been paused for a short detour. Something far more important has come up. I’ve come to the painful conclusion that I’m wasting my time, sitting here writing sequels to books that nobody reads. Not only that, … Continued

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My reluctant amateur detective, Andorra Pett, has a new adventure.

Andorra Pett will return soon, in Andorra Pett and the Luna Mining Conspiracy. It’s been a year since Andorra Pett takes a Break was published and people have been asking me if there are any more adventures for what has … Continued

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It’s not just about the numbers

It’s done when it’s done. I gave myself all sorts of targets for this year, to complete unfinished work and write so many words every month. If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that my plans have changed a … Continued

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My plan is not going smoothly.

I’ve discovered that most of my half-finished novels are not as ready as I thought they were. Once again my plans have gone awry.  I’ve had to stop and take stock of my next project. The idea was simple, finish … Continued

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Creating a Steampunk world.

There’s a challenge in making a new world. It has to be believable and relatable, whether it’s now or in the future. Or even if it takes place in an alternative now, which is what my Steampunk world of Norlandia … Continued

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