Marketing Part 2, my list of jobs.

A marketing update Following on from last week; when I spoke to you about the need to do some marketing, I’ve taken the plunge and spoken to a marketing expert. In the past, I would have shied away from talking … Continued

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Andorra Pett on Mars is published

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The first thing I must do this week is draw your attention to my Statement of GDPR Compliance, which you can find by either clicking HERE or by following the link entitled “GDPR Statement” on my website title bar.  This … Continued

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Beta readers wanted

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Good morning everyone, I’m looking for a few beta readers for my latest Sci-fi novel, “Jungle Green.” It’s the sequel to my 2014 release “Ribbonworld,” and this time our heroes are involved with counterfeit drugs and all that entails. The … Continued

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