If you can smell burning, it’s salad for dinner.

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Have you or any of your characters experienced cooking disasters?

Oh, this is perfect. After her life in London fell apart, Andorra Pett decided to open a café, on a space station. At this point, she wasn’t an amateur detective, just a woman wronged who needed to get away and make a new start. The fact that she was a dress designer who wasn’t renowned for her culinary skills wasn’t going to stop her change of career either.

As this conversation, with her sidekick, Cy, showed.

“You’re not serious are you?” said Cy as I walked around the tables to the far wall. “We can’t run a café.”

I stopped and turned back to him.

“Why not, Cy? It’s perfect; remember what that bloke said on the shuttle. There’s only one other place selling leisure here, all we have to do is pretend it’s the shop in London, just coffee and cake instead of clothes.”

“Can you bake cakes, Andi?” He had a point; he’d tried my sandwiches once. He reckoned that I wouldn’t be able to do toast without a recipe and a video. I’d show him.

“Yes,” I said with confidence, and then I thought about it, “No… sort of; how hard can it be?”

My mum had taught me and she’d never killed anyone.

Before Andorra got the chance to do any actual cooking, the body of the cafés previous owner was discovered in the freezer.

This put a potential brake on her plans. She also met the competition, sampling their wares gave her something else to worry about but by the next day, she was off, with a four a.m. start. And that was where the real story started.

If you want to find out how Andorra got on with baking, and what she did about the body in the freezer, you’ll have to read Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Café.

Andorra Pett shouldn’t have been on a space station. It was all Trevor’s fault.

But there’s no time to mourn her cheating boyfriend. She has to open her new café. And there’s a big problem, the freezer’s filled with the body of the previous owner. Everyone she meets is a suspect, from the customers to her rivals, they all have a motive.

Andorra discovers that the dead man had a book, full of secrets and gossip about everyone’s life on the station. It’s certainly not the quiet backwater she hoped for, out here orbiting Saturn. The information in the book is a prize worth killing anyone for. And it’s hidden somewhere in the café.

It all means that Andorra’s in danger. Can she stop being out of her depth long enough to turn detective and find it, before anyone else does?

If not, she could be the next one in line for a long, cold sleep.

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