Corruption by Elizabeth Ducie.

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Today, I’m on tour, in association with Rachels Random Resources, looking at the new book from Elizabeth Ducie




Out of fear. Out of greed. Out of evil. Corruption springs from many roots.

Teenagers fall prey to a deadly new drug craze sweeping across Russia. Pharmaceuticals destined for Africa turn up on the backstreets of Moscow, St Petersburg and Vladivostok. Regulator Suzanne Jones and her sister, Charlie, fight to stop the pushers before more kids die.

But will their discoveries mean a friend goes to prison? And are they putting their loved ones in danger?

With old adversaries and surprising new allies, the Jones sisters face their toughest challenge to date. The heart-stopping final episode in the Suzanne Jones series of thrillers set in the sometimes murky world of international pharmaceuticals




My Review

This is the third of the Jones sisters’ books by Elizabeth Ducie and I have to admit it’s the first I’ve read.  Joining a series half-way through can sometimes be a problem. Fortunately, any backstory that you need is neatly explained, meaning that I didn’t have to work out the relationships and pasts of the main characters.

The author has a background in pharma and it’s been put to good use. The setting and all the little details are convincing and ring true. I don’t know her background in criminality? but that part of the story is pretty realistic too, there’s a conspiracy, blackmail and all sorts of action mixed in with the story of drug smuggling in modern day Russia. It sounds real; therefore it holds my attention.

There’s a lot of topical relevance too, right from the start my interest was piqued, very soon I was hooked into wanting to know what would happen next. I started to care about the characters, question motives, form my own theories.

Two apparently unconnected chapters get us going and set the scene. These are both incredibly well described, atmospheric, completely different and made me wonder where this was all leading. Then there’s a chance meeting and we’re off. When you think that things are starting to become clearer. there’s a twist, and then another. You head off in a different direction. You get sucked into the story, it all fits together, the combination of present-day action and the background to it combine brilliantly.

This chain of events drags all the players together and suspicions turn to revelations, requiring action. Some old faces from the first books turn up, they assimilate into the ensemble perfectly. There’s a lot of action but the pace is perfectly judged. In the end, everything comes together. The ending is satisfying, but with enough left over to make you want more, just as it should be.

Reading Corruption has made me want to read the other two novels and while I believe that this is to be the last in the series, surely there’s the scope for a fourth?

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When Elizabeth Ducie had been working in the international pharmaceutical industry for nearly thirty years, she decided she’d like to take a break from technical writing—textbooks, articles and training modules—and write about some of her travel experiences instead. She took some courses in Creative Writing and discovered to her surprise that she was happier, and more successful, writing fiction than memoirs or life-writing. In 2012, she gave up the day job and started writing full-time. She has published three novels, three collections of short stories and a series of manuals on business skills for writers.







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