More feedback

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Following the return of my manuscript, I thought I would post the first chapter on a writers critique site. I was hoping that I wouldn’t get too much of a savaging from my peers, fortunately, I was right. Actually, the … Continued

Second Edit

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The second edit of “The Rocks of Aserol” is complete, my wonderful editor has done her thing and I have the manuscript to check through. Of course, I was more interested in her verdict on the story than the boring … Continued


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There’s been a lot going on here over the weekend. I finished my edit of “The Rocks of Aserol” and sent it off to my editor, It ended up about 2000 words longer after I had finished the edit and … Continued

4 Star

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I found another review of Ribbonworld online, this one for the paperback. I don’t know if it was from a purchase or one of the freebies that I have been leaving in coffee shops. Either way here is a screenshot. … Continued

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