Book Review, Turning Point.

Once again, I’m in book review mode. The Saturday Rewind is taking a bit of a break, I have so many great books to read and review that I need to catch up.

As many of you will know, although I like several genres, Sci-fi is my first love. I like the cerebral sort of story that gets you thinking but I’m also a fan of a story with plenty of action and a good premise. Anything that asks a good question and isn’t afraid to give you an answer that stretches your mind. If you can find some fact from history, or an idea that could have more than one meaning and make a sci-fi story out of it, I’ll be queueing up to buy. Especially if you can blur the part where the truth ends and the fiction begins.

I found Turning Point via a Facebook group that I follow and downloaded it, as it seemed to fulfil the above criteria.

Here’s the first line of the blurb,

For thousands of years, man in his arrogance, has believed that he is unique in the cosmos.
During the last decade of the twentieth century, the day finally arrived when a warlike alien species called the Drana returned to our solar system,……….

See what I mean? First, there’s a statement that I happen to believe, then the use of the word returned. It was enough to make me wonder what was meant? I needed to know where the author would take that idea.

It finally reached the top of my to be read pile. And I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s what I posted on Amazon as a review.

A roller coaster of a book.

Jack Eason takes some well-known legends and weaves a fascinating sci-fi story around them.

We have alien races; some good, some bad. The story is about their battle for control of our planet, along with that of the humans who get caught up in the fight. Sides need to be chosen; allegiances made. The action is plausible and relentless, spanning the globe and leaving you desperately turning the pages to see what happens next. Yet, through it all, there is enough detail to show that a lot of research has been done, neither has character development been sacrificed for the sake of action. It all fits together perfectly, the ending is superb and brings this excellent tale to a perfect conclusion.

Five Stars from me,

the author has written another book which explores the same ideas, called Onet’s Tale. According to Amazon, it’s currently unavailable. Perhaps something needs to be done about that?

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I’ll be back on Monday, have a great weekend.


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