Blog Hopping, How do YOU do it?

Here’s this week’s prompt, in association with #OpenBook

What is your preferred method of writing? (By hand, on a computer, dictate it?)

It’s a keyboard for me, every time. Over the years, I’ve tried writing in a notebook but my writing is pretty unreadable. Perhaps I should have been a doctor?

Plus, you still have to type all your notes up. Which, considering I can’t read them, takes me an age. That’s all time where I could be doing something more productive, like writing new material.

I’ve also tried dictation software, I didn’t really like it much, I found that the ideas came so quickly that I started to talk too fast and it all became a mess. The editing took me longer than it took me to type in the first place. Using the keyboard seems to put a brake on my mind, slow my thoughts down to a speed my fingers can cope with.

Back in 2015, in what must be an act of extreme torture, I wrote a short story on my mobile phone. I had an idea whilst I was on my way to give blood and, sitting down to await my turn I typed out the rough story on my smartphone keyboard. It was hard work, my fingers are too banana-shaped and the keyboard was too small. If only, I thought, there was a keyboard that I could plug into my phone, life would be so much easier.

I’ve upgraded my phone since then but not my fingers, however, I found this online while I was looking for a case for the phone.

It plugs into the charger slot and turns the phone into a laptop.

Like this,

I’ve had the keyboard for three years now and my notebook collection continues to gather dust.

How about you? What’s your favourite way to get the words down. Leave me a comment below, then check out all the other blogs on the hop. Don’t forget that I’ll be back on Thursday with another Indie Showcase. See you then.

8 Responses

    • Richard Dee

      It’s been one of the best things, I use it all the time.

  1. Lela Markham

    I didn’t know you could do that with a phone. I’ve seen them for notebook computers, but — yeah. Now I have to look into it. Thanks, Richard.

  2. P.J. MacLayne

    I bought a tablet with an attached keyboard for the sole purpose of being able to write with it. Do you know how many times I did that? Right. A big fat 0.

    • Richard Dee

      The keyboard is A5 size, the same as a notebook, only thinner.

  3. Roberta Eaton Cheadle

    I see that you are also a computer person, Richard, with an anywhere, anytime and any place writing style. I like that.

    • Richard Dee

      Thanks, I got so fed up with not being able to read what I had scrawled on a crumpled piece of paper.

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