Audiobook update.

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I have heard the first rough mix from Sam Burns at Circle of Spears. OMG, the book came alive!

I remember in 1978 putting on the (New) Jeff Waynes “War of the Worlds” Album,





and heard Richard Burton say, “No-one would have believed…..”

Well, listening to this was that same sort of feeling, even though I have seen it in my mind and read it so many times in the writing and editing, it still sent a shiver down my back.

I can’t let you hear it, even though I’d love too; like I said it was only the pre-edited version and I must let the guys work even more magic on it.

But, I’m as excited as I can be and I just know it will blow me (and you) away in September.

I just wish I could re-write it to have someone say “From that moment…. they were doomed!”


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