And another one!

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I have another pre-publication review for “The Rocks of Aserol,” and after the 5* last time, I have a 4* to go with it!

This one’s from Clabe Polk at

The full review is there, there are a couple of mild spoilers, but this is the last paragraph:-

“The Rocks of Aserol is an entertaining read for lovers of steampunk, general adventures and conspiracy stories. The action is good and entertaining even if a bit farfetched. The good guys are likeable; the bad guys detestable, a damsel is in distress and the white knight is on his way to save her. What else could a reader want?”

If that’s got you excited then here are the preorder links for and

And don’t forget, the fifth installment of the background story “Tales from Norlandia” will be posted here and on Facebook on July 1st.




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