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My debut novel Freefall left a few questions in people’s minds and I have been asked to explain them by several readers.

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To save me repeating myself, (and possibly telling everyone something different) I have been writing a ‘prequel’ which will set up the events of Freefall as well as being a stand-alone novel. Although it will be better to read Freefall first I won’t hold it against you and it won’t spoil the enjoyment. Here’s what one reviewer said

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I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed sci-fi until coming across Mr Richard Dee. FREEFALL is a rattling good adventure story, with a few unexpected twists, good characters and plenty of action. It skims along at a good pace with the scenes in space or on various worlds very believably written.
Look for “Myra,” hopefully later this year, as of Feb 1st 2016 I have just under 50,000 words written, the story is complete and I’m adding the detail and refining the dialogue.


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