3 Tips for a Productive Writing Space

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another writing article. This article is simultaneously an attempt at some SEO (search engine optimisation for those that don’t know), and a chance for me to share some of my favourite places to write.
Number One: For my first writing nook I am going to recommend a lack of something, rather than something you might include. The internet is one of the more useful tools in a writer’s life, but it is also one of the biggest obstacles to a finished first draft. For your writing room, I might suggest a place without the internet which, I can imagine, is a challenging space to find. I have had people suggest to me that sitting at an actual computer at a desk can help, especially if you unplug it from the internet first and leave your phone outside. Writing is difficult no matter what people say and it is always tempting to browse Facebook in place of writing because browsing is so much easier. Cut yourself off from temptation and it will be easier (not easy) to turn your mind towards the act of putting pen to paper, fingers to keys.
Number Two: My second suggestion is again, not a physical place so much as it is a time. We all have very different opinions on what is a good time of day. I like to consider myself a morning person, whereas I know more than a few night owls who would strongly disagree with my opinions. You know better than anyone what is a good time of the day for you. It could be that moment in the morning before the rest of the house is awake, it could be after your first cup of coffee (whenever that might be), or it could even be in the middle of the night when the world is quiet around you. My point is that you know what time is best for you, so choose that time to write in. I find myself very happy when I reach the end of the morning and find my writing already done, it will make that time of day feel that much more positive when it comes to writing.
Number Three: My final suggestion for a productive writing space would be choosing where to place yourself. Do you like to be squirrelled away in a nook out of sight of the world, or do you like to be surrounded by open space? I find no small amount of joy writing at a desk, it just seems right, especially in the morning with the sunlight outside (clouds optional). Perhaps an office surrounded by bookshelves with all of your favourite books is a suitable inspiring locale for your work, either way, make it your own space. In fact, that is probably my best suggestion right now, make sure wherever you right is your own space, keep out outside influence as best you can and have your own distraction free zone.
That’s it for today, but I will be back next week with another writing article. Last month went so well for my writing that I am feeling quite inspired and am already looking for new projects to sink my teeth into.


  1. Geneva Waldorf

    These are pretty good advice. I agree that we really need to get familiar first with the kind of place we’re comfortable with when writing. This way, it’ll be easy for us to decide the perfect workspace when writing. Our workspace contributes a big deal to how efficient our end product will be.

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