The Saturday rewind; Condensed Milk Bread.

I went through a phase of trying all different sorts of ways of making bread, using ingredients that were not always what you might have thought of. Being a fan of anything sweet, this one seemed like quite a good idea. It’s made with Nestle’s condensed milk and butter, in addition to the normal bits and pieces. And it’s made in the usual way.

You can find the recipe here,

Here’s my dough, braided and ready to prove a second time.

30 minutes later, egg washed and ready to go.

and after a while in the oven,

and the crumb.

As well as the depth of the crust, which was crisp and beautifully caramelised, you can just make out the effect that the condensed milk has had on the colour of the crumb. And the most important thing, it tasted delicious.

I’ll be back on Monday, with my writers hat on, have a great weekend.


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