The first review of 1066 Turned upside Down

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And we have to thank  David’s Book Blurg for this one. Find the full review HERE

As you know, the book is a collection of “What If?” stories set around the events of 1066.


I’ll leave you to go to Dave’s site and read the full review, I’m just going to put two paragraphs here, the ones most relevant to my contribution. Although of course, the whole thing is a group effort that I feel very proud to have been a part of.

“What a brilliant book this was. I just love the idea that the authors have taken a period in time and let their creative juices flow. 1066 is a fascinating period to read about and to have these authors explore the “what if” was refreshing.”

“One of my favourite stories had to be the tale by Richard Dee, the perfect mix of science fiction and historical fiction, where the butterfly effect is explored and that if you could travel back to the past even the slightest change could mean big changes to the future.”

To get your hands on a copy, head to  Goodreads, or

Or, for all the news on the book, including background and associated articles, head HERE



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