The best laid plans.

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The best laid plans




It doesn’t matter how much I plan which of my projects I want to work on, the voices in my head that give me inspiration always seem to have other ideas.

I started 2017 fully intending to get on with the sequel to the Rocks of Aserol, failing that I had another part finished work to complete, one that had been in my head for a long while and had about 10,000 words already written. Both were coming along nicely.

BUT, after I finished Andorra Pett and got a good response from my editor, I realised something. Reviewing her notes meant that I read the book again and when I did I saw that there was scope for a sequel, which had never been my intention before.

Even though Andorra will probably not see the light of day until later this year, there was no rush for a sequel to a book that I hadn’t even finished yet. Or was there?

The trouble was; the plot was so blindingly obvious to me at that point that I just had to write it down. Which I did, just so that I wouldn’t forget it. I wrote about four pages of notes to be exact.

Now I never normally work this way, I just get the initial idea and write, the story develops as I go along and the end is as much of a surprise to me as I hope it is to the reader.

But this story has taken over, I’m on it every day and I think I will have it finished in record time. Meanwhile, the other work languishes.

Which just goes to show, when it comes to inspiration, you can’t make any plans, there is a voice in my head that refuses to get in line and wait for their turn.  A bit like Andorra herself, she is loud and demands attention. What have I created?

Andorra Pett and The Oort Cloud Café will be published later this year, try Chapter 1 HERE.


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