Maybe you were right. Festive Flash Fiction

Taken from my collection Flash Fiction 2, here’s a short story for the season. Maybe you were Right The crew had drawn straws and Martine had lost. I hadn’t bothered, I was happy to stay and let someone else go. … Continued

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Well, that’s NaNo over for another year!

NaNo was a success for me this year. In the end, I managed 51865 words of my next story. As always, there’s a mixture of feelings, relief and amazement that I actually managed to finish and sadness that I will … Continued

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The ghosts of NaNoWriMo past. 2019

Welcome to the last of this year’s retrospective NaNoWriMo posts. Today, I’m telling you all about last year’s attempt. Let me tell you a little bit more about The Hitman and the Thief. The idea for the novel came from … Continued

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The ghosts of NaNoWriMo past. 2018

To continue my series of posts about NaNoWriMo, this week I’m telling you about my 2018 project. I had an idea for a Steampunk novel, in the style of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It would be set in Norlandia, … Continued

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The ghosts of NaNoWriMo past. 2017

Welcome to the third of my retrospective NaNoWriMo posts, we’re now up to 2017. Unlike 2016, this year there was no short story to base my attempt on. I was starting from scratch. As well as Andorra Pett and the … Continued

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The ghosts of NaNoWriMo past. 2016

Welcome back to my trip through the NaNo projects of the past. This time, I’m looking at 2016. I didn’t attempt NaNo in 2015, I was otherwise engaged in adjusting to life after work, as I mentioned last week. My … Continued

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The ghosts of NaNoWriMo past. 2014

As it’s November and I’m busy trying to complete NaNoWriMo for the sixth time; I thought that it would be a good idea to show you some extracts from previous years NaNo projects. I actually wrote all these posts a … Continued

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It’s that time of the year, the veil grows thin. Flash Fiction for Halloween.

Once again, it’s time to feature a short story for Halloween. I wrote The Veil for a Circle of Spears performance at the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle. back in 2016. They left the subject up to me, but I … Continued

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