A Twist in the Tale.

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I had an idea, for an Alien abduction sci-fi story. With a twist.

Let me explain.

There’s a classic format to these stories. I wanted to flip it.

Instead of a superior alien taking over a situation full of humans and hunting them down, I’ve done it the other way around.

Imagine a human, abducted by aliens.

He manages to get free, now he has a choice. He can take revenge on the aliens and/or find a way to persuade them to let him return to Earth.

Using whatever means he has.

It could be his own abilities or the things he finds on the spaceship that he’s trapped on.

As for the twist, it concerns the assumptions the aliens have made about humanity and the character of the person they decided to abduct.

I wrote a brief Chapter One and submitted it to a publication on Medium. They published it and so far, it seems to have attracted a bit of attention.

I’m tempted to see if I can fashion some more of the story, just to see where it goes.

Then it’s simply a question of whether to serialise it on Medium or do something else with it.

Here’s a little taster,

I heard a strange noise. It was like a sort of wail, escalating in tone until it made my ears hurt. Was this a new test?

The alien disappeared from my view and I heard its hasty footsteps receding. Perhaps it was an alarm. Maybe there was a problem with the ship?

Were we still in orbit around Earth or were we halfway across the Galaxy? I had no way of knowing.

The wailing continued. Then it stopped and all the lights went out.

I held my breath, was this the end? At least the pain in my ears had gone, and I could still breathe. If the ship was damaged, then I was never going home again.

There was a click and all my restraints loosened. I could move. I got up, slowly, my muscles protesting after so long in one position.

you can find the full first chapter here.

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