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What determines whether or not you finish a book you’re reading? Do you review books you didn’t finish?

I read two sorts of books.

Ones I buy and read for pleasure


the ones I read because people have kindly offered or suggested them to me for an honest opinion.

How I behave depends on which category the particular book falls into.

If I’m reading for pleasure and I’m not enjoying it, I will stop. Life’s too short to plough on with a book that you’re not engaging with.

However, if I’m reading to give feedback, I will read it all, and always tell the author what I thought, as honestly and kindly as I can. Usually, it’s not a problem finishing, I like a wide range of genres and styles and generally only accept stuff I think I’ll enjoy, or from an author I’ve read before.

In either case, I’m not a grammar policeman, although a lot of errors will put me off. Being an author myself, I know how errors sneak in and hide, so I’m fairly tolerant of them. Until they start to grate. Plot holes and inconsistencies, or lazy escapes from peril and bad world-building are also things that upset me.

Regarding reviews, if I’ve said I’ll review a book, I ALWAYS do. In as many places as possible, as well as on social media posts. It would be rude not to. And that doesn’t mean I’d give it one star, or just a rating with no explanation.

There is always something positive to say, if someone has spent a year of their life writing the book, you need to respect that and reflect it in your opinion.

Because, at the end of the day, you have to remember that it’s subjective. Thankfully, we’re all different in our tastes.

Something I say in my review might be the thing that persuades a potential reader to give a book a try.

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4 Responses

  1. Stevie Turner

    It’s good that you review a book you’re not really interested in. I don’t review books I abandon, as I prefer not to leave negative comments.

    • Richard Dee

      If I’ve said I’ll do something, I will. I can always find something positive to say. There are a lot of authors who need to hear that, while their work may not be perfect, it can be enjoyed. My first attempts were not as good as they might have been, with encouragement I’ve got better.

  2. P.J. MacLayne

    Stevie, I’m with you. I won’t post a public review for a book I didn’t enjoy. I will give the author private feedback if it has been requested.

    • Richard Dee

      I agree. We need to build each other up, it’s hard enough as it is.

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