Pork and Marmalade Burger

There’s no Indie Showcase this week, instead, I thought I’d share another great recipe with you.

Pork and Marmalade Burger

A while ago, I spotted some Pork Mince reduced as it was nearly out of date. I split it in two (there was 500g) and froze it, now I’m making burgers with half of it.

I’ve used Marmalade as a glaze on Gammon before, so I thought it might be an idea to try it in a burger, as long as I get the proportion right, I figure about 15% (37g in 250g of meat) should do it.

In the end, I had 264g of Mince,

and added 39g of marmalade,

which I then mixed and shaped into burgers, and floured them up.

I decided to oven cook them as I didn’t want them falling to pieces in a frying pan, they had 30 minutes at 180°C in the fan oven, turning and pressing them a couple of times.

Meanwhile, I got some of my part cooked potato skins from the freezer and heated them for the same time. If you want to know more about my potato skins idea, CLICK HERE

The burgers were cooked after 30 minutes, so it was just a case of plating up,

And in case you’re wondering, the taste was amazing.

Now all you have to do in enjoy it. I’ll be back on Saturday with some more thoughts from self-isolation. Stay safe everyone.

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