My top Five moments from 2023.

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Tell us the top five best things that have happened to you in the past year. (Focus on writing, but other things are allowed!)

I’m very nervous about blowing my own trumpet, my father used to warn me about becoming boastful and I’ve always tried to be humble.

But, as you asked, here we go.

Probably the biggest news was that one of my novels won an award.

Back in March this year, We Are Saul received a Chill with a Book Readers Award.

I was persuaded to enter my novel by a reader who had enjoyed it.

Because opinions are subjective, and there’s no going back from a bad review, I have to admit that I was nervous about submitting it.

The fact that people thought it was worthy of an award means a lot to me.

Also this year, I published my first fully non-sci-fi novel, a psychological thriller called I Remember Everything. It’s a tale of karma and reincarnation, of death, rebirth and the life after.

It was a little strange to write in a new genre but, judging by comments like this one, I’m pleased to say that I managed to pull it off.

Not only that, in September, I finally managed to complete the sixth part of a series. A story that people had been asking me for since 2021. The latest of Andorra Pett’s exploits takes place on the Moon and involves the usual skullduggery and improbable chaos that seems to follow her around.

Her new adventure (Andorra Pett and the Luna Mining Conspiracy) is the one on the right.

In non-writing related good news, my youngest daughter got married in October.

And, finally (as they say), after a scare earlier in the year, my health problems seem to be under control. I’m still standing and ready to see what the next year brings.

What about you, what are your stand-out moments for the last year? Let me know below, then check out what my fellow writers have to say on the subject.

Until next time.

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    • Richard Dee

      Thank you. I can’t help swapping genres and styles. I blame the voices in my head.

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