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Following the return of my manuscript, I thought I would post the first chapter on a writers critique site. I was hoping that I wouldn’t get too much of a savaging from my peers, fortunately, I was right.

Actually, the three critiques I have got so far were very positive and raised some good points. There were a couple of things I hadn’t spotted, and I have sorted them out.

The best comments were,

“The story was intriguing and never once did I want to stop (and I have a relatively short attention span). I liked your descriptions, as well as the pacing. You provided details slowly, but I never felt like I didn’t know something I needed to know.

Overall, great work!” 


Overall a nice and easy read. Good pacing, really good world building and I especially like the names of things. While otherworldly they are familiar enough to paint an image just by the name itself.”

Now I need to get on with the corrections. My cover designer is starting work today so I will soon be ready for formatting. Then the promotion can begin.


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