Flash Fiction and NaNoWriMo update

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FF4Finished Orange

The FREE download continues but I have put the book on Amazon so that reviews can be left, if you read it and liked it, here is the link, https://goo.gl/daVFjH If you haven’t tried it yet, there’s no need to pay 99p, just go HERE for your copy.

With November approaching, I’m trying to decide which project will be the subject of NaNoWriMo, at the moment its a choice between “Andorra Pett” and “Return to Aserol.” For those who don’t know, the idea is to write 2,000 words a day in November; a sort of sprint to the first draft stage.

“Andorra Pett” is a departure for me, a lighthearted detective story featuring Andorra Pett, a lady on a mission (the first chapter is a short story I wrote a while ago and it was suggested that I turn her into a full novel), you can get a glimpse HERE

“Return to Aserol” is the sequel to The Rocks of Aserol, and continues the story.

In 2014 my project was “Ribbonworld,” which has gone on to be a very successful Sci-fi thriller, gaining good reviews and spawning “Jungle Green,” currently in edit. A prequel is also planned, roughly titled “The Lost Princess,” more of that later.

Last year, I used the month to practically finish “Myra,” which should now be published in March or April next year. It’s currently in its second draft and with Beta readers, fingers crossed that I don’t need to rewrite too much of it.

I do have a couple of other ideas in my head but nothing that I can see clearly enough to make 60,000 words out of. Although I thought that with “Ribbonworld” and look where that got me.



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