Kryptonite, Blog Hopping

Welcome to another #OpenBook blog hop. Here’s this week’s prompt. What is your writing Kryptonite? Hmmm, another provocative question. And one with so many potential answers. How about Procrastination? Well, it’s true that I often start my writing day full … Continued

The Indie Showcase presents, Angela Rigley

Please welcome this weeks guest to the Showcase. Over to you Angela, I find the hardest part of writing novels isn’t the actual writing – that seems to flow naturally – but the marketing of the books once they are … Continued

The Indie Showcase presents, Audrina Lane

Please welcome this weeks guest. Hi, my name is Audrina and I tend to write Contemporary Romance, but keep it quiet they are a little sexy in places!! But for my main inspiration, I use Music. I think that music … Continued

The Agony and the Ecstasy, Blog Hopping.

Here’s this weeks prompt, from #OpenBook Does writing energize or exhaust you? A non-writer would probably think that writing was quite a benign activity. All you do is sit at a keyboard (or in front of a piece of paper) … Continued

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