Breaking the Ice, on dry land.

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What is your favourite icebreaker (meetings, parties, dates, socials)?

It’s time for a bit of honesty here. I don’t really get involved in the sort of things that require or feature icebreakers. Back in the day when I was socially active, they didn’t really exist as a thing. Since I’ve retired, my social circle has shrunk, now I tend to know the people I meet well enough to not need them.

As for social media situations, I can usually answer a question with (what I think) is an interesting comment that might provoke further engagement. That’s largely because you get more time to think of a suitable thing to say, without the expectant gaze of your inquisitor.

When I’m out and about selling books, which is about the only way I get to meet new people face-to-face these days, there’s a ready-made icebreaker with the books on the table in front of me. And an audience that is at least part-way engaged (or they wouldn’t be there).

I can normally strike up a conversation with a passing or browsing person by asking if they like Sci-fi.

Their answer is irrelevant and will not deflect my secondary question.

If they say yes, I point them at one of my Sci-fi books, usually a series starter. If they say no, I point them at one of the others.

That’s usually enough to get a conversation started.

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8 Responses

  1. Darlene Foster

    The one I often use is What are you reading right now? or Have you read anything good lately? If they don’t read books, I’m not that interested in continuing a conversation anyway.

    • Richard Dee

      Very true. I also seem to attract people who want to tell me about a book they’ve written.

  2. Stevie Turner

    I’ve taken part in a few bookselling events. I put myself in the buyers’ shoes and think about what I’d prefer to happen when I’m looking at books, and so I tend to leave people alone to browse. If they talk to me then I’ll reply, but first off I keep quiet and let them look as I’m useless at small talk.

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