Another world, just ten minutes away.

Today, instead of more of my literary ramblings, I thought you might like to see a place I love to visit. It’s where I go, whenever I can, just ten minutes walk from my house.

In true Galactic explorer tradition, it’s another world.

The place where I’m constantly inspired.

In fact, it’s just up here.

There’s a beach,

with a guardian at the top of the cliffs,

and a fantastic walk around what used to be the town’s rubbish dump.

And, there are even a few residents.

As you can see, it’s a special place. Even in winter, or when the wind is howling, it has a beauty that refreshes me.

I’ll be back to the business of writing next Monday.

Have a great weekend.


2 Responses

  1. Stephen Bungay

    A lovely day with beautiful scenery accompanied by the sounds of late spring. Refreshing for the soul, mind, and body.

    • Richard Dee

      Whatever the weather, it never fails to lift my mood.

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