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Share some of your favourite lines from your writing. How about some of your worst ones if you still remember them?

Hmm. That’s a tricky one. On the face of it, it would appear quite easy to do, but it’s all about context. Instant impact is not always a thing, some of my best lines are the result of pages of action that lead up to a moment, to quote them out of that context takes away a lot of their power.


A review I got for The Syk’m suggested this was the reviewers favourite line,

She had the look of a goddess and I felt my pulse quicken.
But that wasn’t the strangest thing. I watched as huge wings unfolded from her back, gossamer-thin with white ribs, they extended and beat the air.

And here’s one of my favourite pieces, from my space opera Myra,

Rixon was looking past me, over my shoulder at the doorway. I heard the swish as the curtains parted. “Well our engineer has chosen to join us,” he said, “hey, Myra, I thought that would get you away from the engine room, have you come to check out the new Nav?”

I turned, and even though I didn’t immediately realise it, it was then that I fell in love.

I’m getting into the swing of it now,

Here’s some Steampunk action,

The Watchman saw him move, reached into a pocket on his quip-belt and withdrew a small ball, which he threw underarm at the disappearing soldier. As it bounced between his legs, metal bars sprang out from it, tripping the man and leaving him sprawling.

“I told you to stay there.” He sounded exasperated and turned his attention again to the sailor. “Now you, please give me the knife, and don’t make me take it.”

Or something a bit different, from Life and Other Dreams.

A long white-tiled corridor was in front of me, there was a bright light at the end of it. I must have been injured when I dragged Vanessa to one side. No, that didn’t make sense, I had been in the clearing, on Ecias. Now I was here. Wherever here was.

I must be dead. A wave of sadness swept over me. I had tried to save Vanessa and failed, there was nobody to stop Morgan now. He could kill both women and get away.

He must have shot me, the bright light that people were supposed to see was in front of me. I had to run towards it.

And, from my upcoming release, We are Saul,

“What happened there?” I asked him, as I lay in the dirt. I thought he would tell me that the software had crashed. But if it had, why could I still see the rose, how did I still get all the sensations?

You asked for control,” he said.

It was then that my world changed.

As for the worst, I like to think that my editor or beta readers have dealt with most of the most cringeworthy. I suppose I could always ask the people who gave me one-star reviews, if only we were on speaking terms!

Until next time.

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9 Responses

  1. Steven Smith

    There are some great lines here! I’d need to go back, but I am certain Andi has a few! I totally agree with the one from The Syk’m.

    • Richard Dee

      Thank you, the one from The Syk’m is a favourite. Andi has a lot to answer for, bless her.

    • Richard Dee

      Thank you, they would be useful for a quick getaway.

  2. Leon Stevens

    Sometimes that first line can be the jackpot, other times, you have to bide your time for a page or two.

    • Richard Dee

      I do like to try and grab the reader with the first page.

  3. Daryl Devore

    The I must be dead section – from Life and Other Dreams – is awesome. So intriguing.

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