Third edit

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My wonderful editor Helen has sent me the manuscript of The Rocks of Aserol after its third edit. In theory, it should now be ready (after I have waded through the corrections and typo’s) for formatting into the ebook and paperback versions. That’s a job for the weekend and lots of coffee.

She did say, “It is a very good book. I still feel that after three reads.”

Then, once the formatting is completed I can get some advance copies out to my review team for a bit of pre-launch hype, so that when it hits the shop I have reviews ready to post.

If anyone is interested in joining the review team, please let me know, you can send a message via this site, or direct to me at and I will put you on the list. Please also let me know if you would prefer epub or Mobi format. All I ask in return is that you agree not to distribute it to anyone else, ever! (my solicitor insists on it, he makes me embed all advance copies with a unique identifier) and that you post a review on Amazon and Goodreads. There are a limited number of advance copies so the quicker you let me know, the more chance you have of getting one.


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