The Saturday Rewind, Three Seed and Chickpea Bread.

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Here’s a recipe from my blog, back in January 2016. It’s for a bread with a difference, made with added Chickpeas and mixed Seeds. A bit heavier than normal, but delicious. Of course, you could add a little paprika or garlic to the mixture, to give it even more flavour.

Click the picture for the recipe.

I’ll be back on Monday, with a new schedule for my posts.

Monday, Blog Hop with Open Book

Tuesday, News from Richard Dee

Thursday, The Indie Showcase

Saturday, The rewind.

I’m looking forward to my new Monday gig. I’ve been shadowing the hop for a couple of weeks to get a feel for their style. All the other blogs on the hop are well worth following too, full details of how you can get to them all will be up on Monday.

See you then.


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