The Saturday Rewind: Sourdough Doughnuts.

It’s worth remembering that, before the production of dried yeast in the 1860s, all bread and leavened produce was made using a sourdough method. Sourdough doughnuts, croissants and similar items are all as delicious; if a little more time consuming to make, as their modern day equivalents.

Here’s a copy of a post from my baking blog, way back in 2015.

I have made sourdough doughnuts before, but only the basic, non-filled kind. However, I was in a pound shop getting essential supplies (ground coffee in 250g bags) and found a plastic icing syringe which I could use to fill them with jam.

I just couldn’t resist buying it and having a go.

Here is the recipe I use, I found it online ages ago, I follow this lady’s blog and have tried a lot of her recipes, she is a genius when it comes to baking.

Here are some pictures of the process.

I’ll be back on Monday, with another blog hop. Have a great weekend


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