That was the easy bit, Part 2

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So I have the corrected manuscript and I’ve sent it to my beta readers, depending on what they say, and what I have thought about since I saw it last, there may well be bits to change, perfect and modify. Then it’s time for a second edit.

Meanwhile, I will have found a cover picture or at least a concept for one. I’m extremely fortunate to have a brilliant cover designer in Cathy Helms at Avalon Graphics and I’ve also found a local photo-artist in Vicki Boulter who got my idea for Myra perfectly.

Anyway, this is the time to sort out the cover and prepare the metadata, the nuts and bolts that go with the ISBN and the eBook. Things like the genre, the page count, keywords, long and short description etc. etc.

And if you think that writing the book is hard, try condensing it into 250 words for an interesting hook to put on the back cover (giving nothing away), or 350 CHARACTERS for an ISBN entry! Once I have input these the ISBN is assigned and cannot be changed. I prefer to use my own as I’m then identified as the publisher.

The metadata and manuscript go to my formatting service, Coinlea, who lay it out ready for printing as a paperback, depending on the final size I’ve chosen and as an eBook.

First Coinlea will send me a pdf of the paperback layout for approval and after having a look; it gets a final once-over from my editor.

And that’s where we are with Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Café, the last step is to upload all my files for approval, then I can set up an on-sale date and press “publish!”

And then it’s about a week until I get a proof copy of the paperback in my hand, wow it feels good to get a physical copy in your hands.

Another check for quality and we’re ready to go. The eBook is uploaded and the marketing can start. And you can pre-order


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