Sausagemeat, Onion and Apple Pie.

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Vegetarians should probably look away now, there’s nothing for you to see here.

The place I buy a lot of my meat from, Evergreen Farm, has a wonderful range of sausages, with flavours ranging from Traditional, through Cumberland, Pork and Apple, Pork and Leek, Hot Spanish, Toulouse to Pork & Marmite. And many more.

He also has a clever way of using up the mixed meat resulting from changing spice mixtures on the production line. He markets them as change over meatballs, you get a mixture of flavours, all delicious.

I do know they’re out of date, they were in the freezer!

I had some ready-made puff pastry leftover from Christmas mince pie making so thought that I could combine the meatballs and pastry in a pie, with a few other added ingredients.

This is a recipe that I remember from my youth, my mother used to make it, using local sausages from where we lived in Kent (she used to buy the sausages and skin them). I can’t remember the exact proportions, I make it in a smaller dish anyway. Not only that (whisper it), I don’t make my own pastry. If pre-made is good enough for Mary Berry, it’s good enough for me. Hence there are no quantities given, just adjust them to taste.

I added some pre-cooked fried onions to the meat,

mixing it well.

Some apple sauce and a little sage and onion stuffing mix bound it all together,

before I placed it in my pastry case.

I made a (very scruffy) lattice top with the leftover pastry and baked it for 45 minutes at 180°C

And here it is.

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  1. sally cronin

    That sounds delicious Richard and have shared a snippet in the blogger daily later today. Hope you feel better soon. x

    • Richard Dee

      Thanks, Sally. I’m slowly improving. I shall watch for the post and share.

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