NaNoWriMo Encouragement and Future Releases

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Hello all and welcome back to a world of science fiction and funny hats (hats optional). At this point most of us who are participating in NaNoWriMo are well underway, and while at some point in this post I am going to offer inspiration and encouragement, first I wanted to share some exciting ideas I have been having with regards to my current novels and how to get them out into the world. I hope some of these ideas might inspire my fellow writers when the time comes for them to get their books out into the world. So let’s get started.

Black Friday: for some reason I have always found the name Black Friday to be something more appropriate for Halloween than Christmas, but the name has stuck and I feel it’s best to make the most of it. For those of you who have an interest in my books, but haven’t had chance, finances or opportunity to get them, then I have a special seasonal treat for you. On that fateful Friday, and a few of the days either side of it I will be reducing the price on a few of my novels (more information about which ones in future posts) to make them more affordable in the run up to Christmas. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in getting one either for themselves or a relative, and I am happy to share this with you. Keep an eye out for future posts as I will tell you exactly which novels will be reduced. Also I have a bonus for those who follow my newsletter, but more on that later.

Expanding Horizons: Now, I am aware Amazon and their mighty kindle are one of the more widely used brands of E-Reader available in the world, but they are far from the only one. I am going to experiment with making my books available on alternate platforms. This would involve taking my books down from KDP which is why this will only be an experiment, but if a wider availability means more people reading the book then it is an experiment I am willing to try out. Smashwords seems a promising start as access to their premium catalogue will make my novel available on multiple platforms at once which will save me sorting each one individually. That is a relief I can tell you.

Inspiration and Encouragement: for those of you joining me in the NaNoWriMo challenge I suggest that we all look to our mailboxes as writers from across the world offer us advice and inspiration to keep going with our novels. I have had a few blips myself where I have wanted to stop and go back over what is already written, but for the moment I encourage you to ignore those urges and push forwards. This competition is a brilliant way to get words onto paper, to switch off our inner editors, and work until we have cramp in our fingers. My other piece of advice regards falling behind on your word counts. Pushing yourself to try and catch up might seem tempting, and if you can do it then I would go for it, but otherwise stick to the daily limits. It might be disheartening to see your word-count fall behind, but if you stick to a slightly higher limit each day you can still cross the finishing line like everyone else.

That’s it for today’s article ladies and gentlemen, but it is not the last for this week. I shall be back on Friday with another article and you can be sure of words of possible wisdom and encouragement. Until then, keep writing.


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