Freefall is now in paperback.

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And to prove it, I have a copy in my hand.

I got the proof yesterday and have checked it over. There were a couple of minor corrections, some of mine and one of theirs and I’ve sorted them out and sent off a corrected version. This morning in my inbox I got a new pdf of the interior with all corrections made and have approved it. It felt good to actually have a physical version I can hold. It will now be available for sale in a few days.

The most interesting thing is that while I was reading it through and checking everything I found a comment from one of the characters that I had forgotten. Not the same one that I have already used in the prequel I’m halfway through but another one. It suggests a course of action that is not followed up in the story, (there’s too much else going on) but could easily form a sequel. Just what I needed, another idea for a story, I have four on the go as it is! I’m going to need another notebook.


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