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The eagle eyed among you will have spotted that this post is a day early. There’s a reason for that, I’ve been looking at the way I post in general and I’ve wondered if the day has anything to do with the reach. It seems that the things I post on Facebook have more engagement on Sundays, so I wondered if it would be the same for blog posts.

So this week, I’m posting my thoughts on a Sunday.

For a change, I’m abandoning talk of my writing to show you what else I get up to. There’s not a lot of words, just a few pictures.

I’m not talking about baking this time either.

As a way of relaxing, I took up cross-stitching in 2005. My wife had been doing it for ages and I fancied a go, as something different to do. I’ve found that it relieves the ache that I get in my fingers if I do a lot of typing. Not only that, it helps me switch off from distractions. It’s my way of unwinding from all the niggles that can get on top of you if you’re not careful. I started with simple designs,

as my competence increased, I moved on to more complex pictures. I did pictures for my daughters first homes,

and a few for my own place.

A Joan Elliot Design

I find that, as I’m engrossed in the act of counting, my mind slows down to the pace of the needle.

Naturally; there are frustrations, you get the occasional knot in the thread, miscounting is something to beware of and running out of thread with one stitch to go can be annoying. But overall, I find that the slower pace that you are forced to adapt to is very therapeutic. And, like writing, there’s always another new project to get excited about.

I hope you enjoyed that look at what I get up to when I’m not writing. The Showcase will be back on Thursday. Until then, have a good week.


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