Another new project

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I said before that I get ideas from the strangest places, well now and for the second time, an idea for a novel has come from an external source. First, it was my editor who suggested a sequel to The Rocks of Aserol. Now a reviewer has suggested a prequel to Ribbonworld.

Initially, it seemed like a bad idea, after all, I would have to fit it in with what I have already said. That often restricts the story because you can’t contradict what you’ve already written. Trouble is, the more I thought about it the more I could see the possibilities. After all, if you tell ten people the same story and a week later ask them to repeat it you will get ten slightly different versions. So as long as its about the same it will be OK.

So I can reveal now that there will be a prequel to Ribbonworld. The working title is “The Lost Princess,” but it will just have to wait its turn on the list of things that I have to do.


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