I started baking Bread in 2008, as I was fed up with the selection on offer locally in Maidstone, where I was living at the time.

I was eating some Focaccia I had made at work one day when one of the Italian Pilots who worked with me asked me where I had got it. I told him I had made it myself and he tried a piece.

He said it tasted like he remembered in Italy when he was younger. ‘Would I make him some?’ he asked.

From that, I started baking to supply the people I worked with and when I moved to Brixham I continued taking bread to work with me every time I went.

I went on a three day course with David at Manna from Devon in 2012, where I honed my self taught skills and increased my repertoire.

I started looking for customers a bit closer to home in 2013 and now supply three shops and 2 cafes in and around Torbay, baking around 30-40 loaves a week, plus rolls and biscuits. I specialise in Sourdough’s and slow fermented Yeasted breads, often taking up to 36 hours to produce a loaf. This gives a better flavour and helps in digestion.

Regrettably in December 2015 I had to close the bakery, the increase in red tape and regulation meant that I was spending more time on paperwork and more money on incidental things than I was making form selling bread. A shame but at least I can still bake for myself.

You can find a blog describing my journey with Well Bread! at


Below are some pictures of my creations.

Sourdough Spelt and Wholemeal loaves

27 Hour cold fermented Panini

Chocolate and Orange Sourdough Cookie

White Sourdough Doughnuts

Beetroot and Cheese Loaf


White Country Boule

Spelt Tin Loaf

White Tin Loaf

Sourdough Baguettes



Easter Biscuits



Spelt Sourdough Crumpets