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The more I journey through life, the more I wonder. At the moment, I wonder how I ever found the time to go to work. Over the last few days, I have actually got some writing done but not as much as I had hoped for. I’ve managed to post a couple of things on my Devon life blog and got a few words done on Myra. I’ve also joined a critique group and I’m looking forward to getting involved with that.

I’m anxiously awaiting the return of my manuscript for The Rocks of Aserol from my editor. I’ve made some changes and want to know what she thinks. Also, I’ve got the first draft of the blurb for the back cover and some Flash Fiction which she has cast her eye over. The next couple of months will be used to prepare everything in order to get the book out when I’ve planned. I think that I’ve allowed plenty of time for each stage but I am quite sure that in the end it will be a mad dash to get it all sorted out in time.

Time; that’s where I started. I always saw time as natures way of making sure everything didn’t happen at once. Looking back I can honestly say that now I’m not so sure.


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