The Saturday Rewind, Ventor in Summer

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I thought it might be nice, while we’re in the grip of the rain and winds of winter, to take a look at some pictures of a sunny day.

Ventor reservoir, on Dartmoor, is a place Yvonne and I pass on days out to Tavistock Market, on this occasion we stopped and walked around the lake. As with most of Devon, it was wonderful.

This was originally posted on my old blogger site, my first excursion into blogging. There were several of us who used to post a wordless feature on Wednesdays, a set of pictures depicting days in our lives.

I started the blog in 2011, there are about five years of posts there, up to the time I started this website. I blogged about my life in Devon, the food I was cooking, my work. When I look back at the older posts, I can see how far my style (and spelling) has developed.

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I’ll be back on Monday with another #OpenBook blog hop. Have a great weekend.


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