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A few bits of news

The Rocks of Aserol will be available on e-readers in three weeks, on the 25th of August to be exact, with the paperback released on September 1st. Get your copy at







Pre-orders are going well, at one point the book just sneaked in at number 152 on Amazon! I have a launch party arranged as well, in Brixham on September 8th, more details to follow.

Check the News and Reviews page  to start your journey through Norlandia







I put a post on the 1066 Turned Upside Down blog with some of my thoughts on the subject of time travel. Particularly on writing about it. It linked to an article on here, THIS ONE to be exact. There is also a link to a short story with time travel as the theme, if you go to the post you will find it at the bottom.

While we’re on the subject, 1066 Turned Upside Down now has five, five-star reviews.

The manuscript for Myra is with my amazing editor for its first public airing. I’m looking forward to her comments and will soon be asking for beta readers, so if you’re interested in that, drop me a message via the contact page, put Myra in the subject box so I spot it. I’ll be in touch when I have a working copy. Now my thoughts are turning to a possible cover design, watch this space. All things being well, Myra should be released early in 2017,

Jungle Green, the sequel to Ribbonworld has passed 40,000 words and is on track to be finished by the end of October. That will leave me free to do my second NaNoWriMo (I couldn’t do last year due to family commitments) but my 2014 NaNoWriMo produced Ribbonworld so who knows what might happen this year! I’m trying to decide which one of the ideas in my mind would be the best one to attempt.



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