Another Four Star Review

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The Rocks of Aserol gets another four-star review, this time from Marc Townsend at

You can see the full review HERE  I like this bit,

“Richard Dee has created a world that has everything I have come to expect from a steam-punk setting, with villains of questionable morality, intentions hidden behind a mask of politeness, and subtle intrigue and plots to keep you entertained. If you read in this genre and appreciate these qualities then you will find yourself satisfied by the dialogue, the attitudes, and the morality that is rich in these stories.

The individual steam-punk elements that the author has created fit so perfectly into the world around them that I cannot help but me impressed. I took some time to think about this as I have read many stories in this genre full of fantastic devices. The reason which presented itself to me was that all of these devices, including steam-powered walking exo-suits, all had a purpose to be fulfilled in the world. These weren’t fantastic for the sake of the rule of cool, they also had purpose, and you could see that they’d evolved mechanically alongside the world around them,which offers a depth to the setting that is sometimes missing in other novels in the same genre

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