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Jungle Green. The Balcom Dynasty Part 2

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TC is the wonder drug. Manufactured in secrecy on a remote planet at the edge of the galaxy, it makes worlds inhabitable; and Balcom Industrial lots of money. Then, suddenly, the people who need to take it to stay alive start to die!
For Layla Balcom, fresh from wresting control of her father’s inheritance from those who would have destroyed it, the news is devastating. Can the drug be flawed? Or is something else going on?
In the search for answers, Layla and those close to her find a web of lies and hostility. Then she is dragged into criminal activities and it becomes far more personal. It’s time to sort the good from the bad and protect Layla’s legacy.

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1 review for Jungle Green. The Balcom Dynasty Part 2

  1. chrisleach14101978 (verified owner)

    This book has to be one of the best Sci-fi/Crime stories I have read so far. The storyline stops you from putting the book down.
    The characters that Richard Dee creates quickly become part of your life; which makes finishing this book really frustrating. I can’t wait for the third instalment, to see what trouble Miles can get into next.
    Great work Richard.

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