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Freefall. Galactic adventures with Dave Travise. Part 1

£2.99 inc V.A.T.

“A rattling good adventure story, with… unexpected twists, good characters and plenty of action”
“Immersive and richly described”
Dave Travise is an interplanetary trader with a past. Trying to forget, whilst being constantly reminded is no way to live, but sometimes letting go is just too painful. And the “Freefall” is his past, so that’s part of the problem.

So when excitement comes back into his life, in the shape of a dead girl and a stolen disc, his world turns upside down. Events take control of his life, and before he knows how, he’s at the centre of a Galaxy-wide conspiracy, chasing the answers that explain the past and may hold the key to the future.

With the truth to reveal, he’s pursued by those who want it kept secret. The story goes from the civilised centre to the edge of exploration. A cast of pirates, smugglers, and legendary explorers all play their part in a story that’s older than us.
Richard Dee has a superb gift for creating believable reality, and this first-person narrative is space opera at its best.
Read the first book in the series, Myra for more adventures with Dave Travise.



A galactic adventure you will want to read again and again!

31 August 2017

Format: Kindle Edition


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