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Andorra Pett on Mars, Andorra Pett Book 2

£2.99 inc V.A.T.

“A plethora of eye rolls, snickers, and outright laughs! “
“Brilliant and humorous adventure”
Andorra Pett has left the Oort Cloud Café; she’s back on Mars, a place she vowed she’d never visit again.
She’s gone back for her friend Maisie’s funeral. Everyone thinks it was suicide but the more she learns, the less sure she is. Things don’t add up and she realises that the whole story doesn’t make sense. Something else is going on and the questions soon multiply.
Why would Maisie kill herself if she’d just had good news? Why is Andi being followed? What was the mystery bequest?
When she begins to find the clues that Maisie has left for her, it becomes a race against time. Andi must work out what’s going on and hope that she can get out alive.
What could possibly go wrong?
Richard Dee has a gift for creating fast-paced, funny, believable stories, and this first-person cosy mystery is space opera at its best.
Read Book 1 of the series, Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Cafe, for more adventures with this feisty female lead!



I’d previously read and LOVED Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Café, so when I realised there would be another novel featuring the super sleuth of Saturn herself, I was really pleased and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy…luckily, I didn’t have to wait long as author Richard Dee was kind enough to send over a copy.

Although this book picks up where Oort Cloud Café finishes, I don’t think it’s a necessity to have read that before starting this, as it reads well as a standalone, and any information that you do need is well explained.

Andi is as fantastic as before, larger than life, beautifully written, and just sounds like someone you’d want to go down the pub and swap embarrassing stories with. Cy is entertaining, and his relationship with Andi is sweet. There is a whole host of other characters that make the book as engrossing as it is. Andi and Cy unwittingly getting sucked into a rollercoaster ride of drama while trying to find out what happened to poor Maisie made captivating reading.

Andorra Pett on Mars satisfied both the sci-fi nerd and crime thriller fan in me simultaneously; it’s an intelligently written tale full of twists and turns that I found impossible to put down!


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